320 Russell Street (Route 9) Hadley, MA 01035 Hospital: 413-584-1223 Inn for Pets: 413-584-5252

Our Mission

At Valley Inn for Pets, we are dedicated to providing all the love, comfort, and individual attention that pets receive at home to every pet entrusted to our care. The safety and cleanliness of all of our guests is always a top priority. We strive to maintain accurate, prompt and courteous communication at all times with pet owners, team members and our on-site veterinary care professionals.


Valley Vet Pet Hotel Hadley, MA, Northampton MA
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Accommodations / Rates

All lodging rates at Inn for Pets depend on your choice of room and facility availability. We will help you choose the best accommodations for you pet based on several factors including size, temperament, and individual needs.

Destination and Window Suites can be booked by any size pet. We cannot guarantee the availability of specific Destination Suites for your pet's stay. Valley Suites and standard rooms have size restrictions.

Rate Definitions

All rates are calculated by the night with a CHECK-IN time of 2 PM and a CHECK-OUT time of 10 AM.

Pets checking out after 10 AM and prior to 2 PM will have a late departure daycare fee of $15 applied.

Pets checking out after 2 PM will have a normal daycare fee of $30 applied.

Pets checking in before 2 PM and after 10 AM will have an early arrival daycare fee of $15 applied.

Pets checking in before 10 AM will have a normal daycare fee of $30 applied.


Max checks in to a Destination Suite at 12 PM on Friday and checks out at 9 AM  the following Monday morning.

(3 nights @ $49) $147 + $15 (early arrival daycare fee on Friday) = $162 total


Pets on Medication

We are happy to accommodate pets who require special medications.Each pet on medication is issued a schedule that documents when each dose is given and by whom. This schedule is then sent home with your pet so you can be sure all your instructions are followed accurately. The fee for medicating pets at the Inn is$4 per day. Pets requiring the administration of 5 or more meds the fee is $8 per day.


Multiple Pet Discount of $5 off per pet per day.

Shared Facility Discount of $10 off per pet per day.

Extended Stay Discount of 10/15/20/25% off at 7/14/21/28 days. (discount on lodging fees only)