Why Choose Us?

Over 20 years of pet hospitality experience...

...and more than 35 years of pet health care experience insure a safe and properly supervised stay.

Inn for Pets Unique Features:

  • Outdoor play yards with K9 grass to keep guests safe and clean!
  • Complimentary bath for all guests staying seven or more nights so they come home fresh and clean!
  • Computerized records are kept on all guests including appetite, health status and alerts, medications, and even who their favorite playmates are!
  • Radiant heated floors in Destination and Window Suites.
  • Outdoor small group or individual playtimes included with temperament tested playmates.
Why our outdoor small group playtimes are better for your dog!

Why Our Small Play Groups are Better!

At Valley Inn for Pets our counselors take the time to evaluate each pet’s play style and preferences. We then formulate ​small groups​ of 4-6 compatible dogs that are temperament matched and likely to behave and play in a compatible manor. This maximizes your dogs fun and minimizes the chance of any physical or emotional trauma. 

It is unnatural for dogs to be continuously surrounded by large groups of dogs in confined spaces​. Under those circumstances it may be difficult for them to read each other's behavioral signals. This can result in excited dogs who may become overstimulated while other more timid dogs may cower or retreat to a corner. 

At Valley Inn for Pets, your dog will enjoy several vigorous small group play sessions each day but also has a chance to rest and recover in their own space in between; similar to their home environment and routine. Regular periods of rest between play sessions allows your dog the chance to relax during the day, leaving them tired, but not exhausted. Exhaustion from hours of uninterrupted play can result in elevated stress levels that may actually be harmful to your pet. Imagine what it would be like for you to be at a big party for eight hours straight! 

In addition, our continuously supervised playgroups take place OUTDOORS in our weather protected turf yards. Most dogs prefer to play outdoors, and more importantly, have the opportunity to “do their business” outdoors like they have been trained to their entire lives. 

  • Kennel Cam viewing of your pets in Destination Suites while you are away.
  • “Movie of the Day” broadcast in all Destination Suites and indoor playroom to soothe, entertain, and make your dog feel more at home.
  • Indoor Playroom with home like decor for indoor cuddling and individual attention with pet counselors.
  • Carrier micro filtration air handling unit to prevent transmission of airborne disease.
  • Emergency backup generator for your pets' safety to maintain heat and air exchange in case of electrical failure.

First Time Guest Offer

We are so confident you and your pets will love it here, we offer one free daycare session for any first time guest. This allows us to get acquainted with your pet and determine the best playmates for their future visits.

Pet Health Warranty

We are pleased to be able to offer a Pet Health Warranty (PHW) for all pets entrusted to our care. All pets staying with us are automatically covered by our Pet Health Warranty, which ensures:

  • No unexpected veterinary bills

  • Timely Veterinary attention

A fee of $1.00 per day per pet (to a maximum of $5 per stay per pet) will be added to your bill to cover PHW expenses.

The Fine Print: Daycare participants, pets with chronic, pre- existing conditions or those discovered within the first 24 hours of their stay are excluded from this coverage. Injuries that result from aggression between two pets in the same family lodging together are excluded from coverage. PHW coverage does not extend to treatment at any hospital other than Valley Veterinary Hospital. Qualification for our PHW is at the sole discretion of Inn for Pets employees.

Inn For Pets Loyalty Rewards

At Valley Inn for Pets we appreciate our loyal customers and have designed a reward program as our way of saying “thanks for your support!” After three stays at VIP you will receive ONE FREE NIGHT at the Inn.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Thank you for spending so much time to make Ellie feel comfortable while having her nails clipped. She had a blast and we'll definitely come back.”
-WB, Amherst

“We really appreciate knowing that a vet supervises the boarding operation, and that a vet would be available if a health problem came up during the boarding.  It's great that Valley Vet is a full-service business!”

“Goldie loves the inn. I wouldn't consider taking her anywhere else. The kennel staff is very compassionate towards her and her fears.” Thanks!
-GS, Amherst

“We enjoy reading the report card - there's usually a sweet or funny comment about our dogs.”
-KB, Holyoke